Human trafficking and slavery, thought to be abolished in the 19th century, has re-emerged with a force and brutality that rivals anything in history.


Human trafficking is the fastest-growing crime industry, making 32 billion dollars a year. A large part of this is in the sex industry where children and women are cruelly victimized. How do they fall into the hands of traffickers? What is behind this enormous evil? In the quest of answers to these questions, director Benjamin Nolot and his team embarked on a journey to film a documentary on four continents.


The camera first captured orphanages in Moldova in East Europe where human trafficking is rampant, then turned to Amsterdam, Netherlands, where graduates from these orphanages are trafficked. Then to Thailand, nicknamed as “Disneyland of the Sex Trade”, on to a Cambodian village where parents sell their children on a daily basis, then finally to the realities of the United States. What has become of the girl who dreamed to be a “Pretty Woman” and thus chose to be a whore?


Interwoven with reenactment of actual stories of sexual exploitation and interviews with real victims, perpetrators, and aid professionals, this film gets to the heart of the monstrous and dark system of sex trafficking.



  • Owner of a brothel in Amsterdam
  • If you want dark or brown or…you ask it and the girl comes to you. It's like you order a pizza. Something like that.
  • Bill for Karaoke Bar in Cambodia 
  • Tiger beer, $4.00.
  • Bunch of Grapes, $5.00
  • Karaoke girl for one hour, do whatever you want to her……$3.00
  • Mortality Rate of Prostitutes in the United States 
  • 40 times higher than average.

  • Lauren, an International Consultant on Woman's and Children's Issues
  • Many of the girls, even when they're offered alternatives, choose to stay in brothels, because the abuse that they know is sometimes better than a future that they don't know.

  • Dan, a psychologist
  • Even after being rescued from prostitution, unless the victim has her sense of dignity restored, she will go back to her slave-like prostitute life.

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《Exodus Cry》is……

An NGO headquartered in Missouri, USA. After completing “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”, the first of Nefarious Trilogy, they actively and globally implemented raising awareness campaigns of sex trafficking, operation of shelters for trafficked victims, and international prayer meetings. Now they are shooting the second film of Nefarious Trilogy.



《Not For Sale Janan》is……

The Japan branch of Not For Sale, an anti-slavery NGO based in California, USA. NFSJ Director Mariko Yamaoka, a translator, became involved with NFS activities while translating president David Batstone’s book “Not For Sale” into Japanese, and thus launched NFSJ in 2011. Now NFSJ’s main focus is on a raising awareness campaign of modern-day slavery, including the introduction of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.